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HOTWIFE LANDA Free. An online chronology of one married slut's sexual exploits, as told by her cuckolded husband. Some awesome pictures of this hotwife taking some big black cocks as well as some great stories of her exploits. Definately worth visiting.
REAL LIFE OF A CUCKOLD Free. A fantastic blog about a husbands journey into cuckolding with his totally hot hotwife. In his own words "For those interested in learning about cuckolding from the real life perspective of a cuckold husband of over 14 years, all pictures and stories on this blog are true and the pics are really us. Enjoy!!."
MAKING OF A HOTWIFE Free. An awesome blog about a man on a mission to turn his wife from a hot wife into a hotwife. This is one blog to watch and follow as its early days yet and i for one am hoping to see his fantasy turn into reality. Lets hope he posts a few pictures on his journey for us all to enjoy.
SUBURBAN SECRETS Free. A great blog about a 30 something couples first forays into the hotwife lifestyle. It is a fairly new blog and details their first encounter and hubbies emotional roller coaster that he had to work through. A really great thought provoking blog that gives some insight into how a hubby feels when his wife sleeps with another man.
WIFE TAKES A LOVER Free. An awesome blog about a wife taking a lover with hubbies approval. Hubby is a good looking considerate bloke who loves pleasuring his wife and allowing her to be pleasured by others. This is their story in blog form and is a hot read.
WIFE TAKES A LOVER Free. A awesome blog about a wife taking a lover with hubbies approval. Hubby is a good looking considerate bloke who loves pleasuring his wife and allowing her to be pleasured by others. This is their story in blog form and is a hot read.
PINK WIFE Free. WOW this is one smoking hotwife and a great collection of her naughty exploits. She has a awesome body and one of the hottest pussies ive seen. You simply have to read their story "A Thick One For Mrs Pink" and see the pics to appreciate how hot a couple they are. A must visit website in my opinion.
INTIMATE THOUGHTS Free. This blog is called Intimate Thoughts Of A Married Man and is a no bullshit account from a married man who loves his wife to death yet wants to share her. Its about as brutally honest as you can get and is a very good read. I highly recommend paying it a visit.
HOTWIFE SANDIE Free. Hotwife sandie is one hell of a hotwife. She is a 40 year old Glasgow hotwife and loves to meet single males for adrenalin filled horny sex encounters and adventures. Her cuckold husband records her encounters in pictures and video and they document it all on their blog and twitter. Definately worth checking out.
HOTWIFE HAS YOU Free. These are the thoughts of a Hotwife's husband. I love to watch her with another man and I am unbelievably obsessed with her. I have told her as much, but this blog serves as my way of really letting her know my thoughts of her. This Blog is a must visit for all hotwife lovers.
SEXY DETROIT MILF Free. Wow this is another great hotwife blog about a sexy Milf who loves black cock. Some great pics stories and film clips as she gets well and truly filled with black cock. Her preferance is for gangbangs with hung black men but she also loves to meet occasionaly for one on one with black guys.
HOTWIFE EXPERIENCES Free. In the owners own words . We are a fairly normal 30 something couple that desires to keep our relationship fun and exciting. We have decided we'd like to explore what others refer to as a hotwife lifestyle. We know that we want to grow old together, just not today! An awesome site well worth checking out.
OUR SEXY MARRIAGE Free. In hubbies own words "I am setting up this blog for both my wife and I to use to share our thoughts, desires and fantasies with each other as well as the outside world! Hopefully we will become sexually closer to one another and understand our needs, wants and desires better... A great blog worth visiting.
HOTWIFING EXPOSED Free. This blog is all about a very happily married UK couple recording and sharing their experiences of the hotwife lifestyle. They have plenty of pics and stories and if you like creampies you will love some of the pics they have up.
NEW YORK SWINGERS Free. In their own words "We are an attractive couple in our mid-twenties exploring the New York Swingers Scene" These guys are a yummy hot looking couple who are into the swing scene in New York. Check out there blog for their cummings and goings.
HUSBAND OF A HOTWIFE Free. Wow a great blog about a hubby who just loves to watch his wife with other men. Some great stories and a couple of nice pics. Lets hope they put up a few more raunchy ones. i for one will be keeping an eye on this hotwife :-)
HOTWIFE FIA Free. Wow a great blog from a very sexy hotwife who loves the hotwife lifestyle. Her and hubby love to indulge in their fantasies and have some great pictures and stories up on their blog. A definate must to visit for all hotwife lovers.
WIFES HOTWIFE JOURNEY Free. A excellent blog about a 43 year old married man, who has wanted to share his wife since before she was his wife. A husbands continuing journal of his wife's road to becoming a shared hotwife. A beautiful and sexy 43 year old conservative mother of three begins a transformation journey.
TOMS COCK WHORE Free. A great blog about a 30 something woman with 2 kids, 2 cats, 2 fish, 1 dog, 3 ex-husbands, 1 ex-wife, and an errant boyfriend. She has a penchant for naughty rough sex and enjoys living in the "lifestyle". Definately worth checking out.
SHARED CINDY Free. A great blog about a hubby who loves to share his wife. In his own words "I enjoy sex with and sharing my insatiable, bi-sexual wife, Cindy, with other select men and women" A great read, good pics and definately worth a visit.
HOTWIFE BLOG Free. A great new blog that has just started up which covers everything to do with the hotwife lifestyle. Definately worth checking out.
HOTWIFE ALLIE Free. Definately worth visiting. This blog is all about the sexual adventures of a very special horny housewife and the musings of her ever loving hubby. Very hot.
SEXI LEXI Free. A great blog about a guy and his girlfriend and the fun they get up to. he likes to share her with other men and she likes to keep him happy by obliging. Worth checking out.
HOTWIFE EXPERIENCES Free. A great blog dedicated to the fantasy of hotwifing and whether to turn it into more than fantasy. Stories and photos, questions and answers on this couples experiences









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