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Strip Poker Night

Betting your wife in a poker game is an old story, here is my version.

My husband had a Saturday poker night twice a month. This was fine with me as I got a little alone time and he usually ended up winning a little money. Poker night changed for everyone one summer night last year.

It was our night to host the poker gathering and I had cleaned up the house and had plenty of snacks and beer. A couple of hours before the guys were to arrive John, my husband, told me to clean up and dress really nice. What this really means is shave around my pussy and dress like a slut. I thought he just wanted to show me off then give me a good fucking after everyone had left. I never found out what he was thinking because of the way the evening unfolded.

I quickly showered and shaved around my pussy. I trimmed my upper pubic hair very close. I then dressed in a short (12 inch) black skirt and tight white spaghetti strap tee shirt. Under them I wore a lacy white thong and a very sheer white bra. In the right light my areolas were visible. I wore 4 inch white pumps to complete my slut outfit.

When John saw me come out of the bedroom he started groping and kissing me. I pushed him away telling him "He couldn't mess me up before the boys saw me". Each one of the guys did a double or triple take when I answered the door. All of them had seen me in a bikini before but this outfit must have been more than the other hostesses had been willing to dare.

The card game started and I played the dutiful hostess for an hour or so. All of the guys would give me a little hug and grope each time I brought a drink or snack and it was starting to have an effect on me. I am an exhibitionist, wearing short skirt and small bikinis. I enjoy the looks men give me and it also turns on John when I show off. I was starting to think I might have to pull John into the bedroom for a quickie. That would be a real thrill for him, fucking me with his friends' right outside the door.

My body then betrayed me. One of the guys noticed my nipples starting to show though my top and pointed it out by pinching it when I walked past. This did nothing to keep my nipples from swelling. Soon all of the guys were trying to get a little feel. I thought John might help, but when I stood close to him he stood up and started rubbing both my tits. I pushed his hands away and told him to stop or he wouldn't get any later. He just laughed and told the guys "Don't let her fool you. She loves it when you look at her tits."

Well John's poker night hadn't gone very well. He was down big and the next hand he had a big call to make and a short stack of chips. He called me over and showed me his cards. It was a full house a very nice hand. He looked at me and said "I'm going to do something; if it bothers you just say so." He then turned to the guys and said "Since she likes to show off her tits I'm going to call with her bra." The guys all whooped and laughed, I turned red and my nipples got harder. I looked at him and told him it was O.K. Then one of the guys said all bets have to be on the table. John tried to protest, but was shouted down. I was going to have to put my bra in the pot before John could call the hand. I had John unhook me and I slipped my bra from under my top. My tits were on display now as the thin top did very little to hide anything. The guys showed their cards and I was sure I would have my bra back in a minute. Unfortunately someone else had a larger full house and was now the proud owner of a sheer bra. The guys' gropes were getting more aggressive now. I had hands under my skirt and on my tits every passed by. I finally had to say if it didn't calm down I was going to the bedroom. Immediately someone grabbed my ass. I walked away into our bedroom in a huff. The guys were begging me to come back but I just closed the door and locked it. I really wasn't worried about the gropes, I just needed a few minutes to get control of my pussy. My pussy was soaked and I quickly started rubbing my clit. In just a few minutes I had a very strong orgasm. I hoped this would help me get through the rest of the evening. After calming down and washing up I went back to the poker room. All of the guys apologized and promised to keep their hands to themselves.

Johns poker luck had gotten a little better. His stack of chips had grown slightly but was still very small. A few hands later he was facing another big call. He called me over and showed me his cards, it was a straight. He whispered and asked me if I had ever wanted to be a topless waitress. I was floored. My husband was asking me to show my tits to 4 of his friends for money. I was even more shocked when I felt my pussy getting damp again. I looked him in the eye and asked if he was sure? He nodded and I turned to face the guys and slowly raised my top. I looked at he guys as said that I thought that his was worth more than a call and should count as a large raise. Everyone was so shocked that they all agreed. A few seconds later another guy with a flush was the owner of a size 2 tee shirt.

I warned the guys that if anyone touched that I was leaving. Everyone made sure to keep their hands down. For several minutes the game slowed as no one could concentrate. John actually won a few hands because the guys were not focused. Soon the shock had worn off and John began to lose again. Soon he was showing me another straight. I asked what he wanted me to take off next. Two of the guys said panties and the other two said skirt. We decided that the winner of the hand would choose. The cards were laid down and John won! I jumped with excitement until he looked at me and said "I choose the skirt." My heart skipped a beat. Surely he couldn't be serious, he could be asking his wife to strip down to a thong in front of four other men. He looked at me again and told me to give him the skirt. In shock I stepped out of my skirt and stood in front of five men wearing only a thong.

John then had me sit in his lap. He began kissing me and rubbing my nipples. It was driving me wild. If I got the chance I was going to the bedroom for another round of clitty massage. But before I could get away John asked if anyone else would like to do what he was doing. Everyone quickly agreed and the bet was set. I was the bet for the next hand. Whoever won could rub or touch anything on me that wasn't covered by cloth. That left a lot of room for the guys to work with. I was passed around the table for about 30 minutes. Everyone had a chance to rub and suck my tits and fondle my ass. I was about to go out of my mind. I wanted to rub my pussy sooo bad. When John finally "won" me I knew he had something in mind. He pulled down his shorts and pushed my head down to his erect dick. He looked at the guys and said "Her mouth isn't covered and we never put limits on what we could touch her with.

Everyone stopped and watched as I began sucking off my husband. After whole evening of watching his almost nude wife get groped by four men it didn't take long. Soon he was spurting sperm deep into my throat. I kept his cock in my mouth and swallowed every drop. When he recovered he looked up and asked if they were going to play cards or not. The game got very serious as everyone was about to explode and a blowjob was only a few cards away. I went from cock to cock until a five of them had cum in my mouth. For the repeat winners I just sucked their cock until they next hand played out.

When John won my services again he said it was time to up the stakes. He slowly pulled down my thong. He then pushed me back on the table and spread my legs. He had the guys all come by, each one getting to lick my sopping wet pussy. He then told them that whoever won the next had could fuck me any way they wanted. Every one else would have to pay $100 for sloppy seconds. My husband was pimping me out for a gangbang and I was desperate for it. They dealt the cards while I stayed on the table rubbing my clit. When the hand was over I didn't even open my eyes to see who won. They pulled my ass close to the edge of the table and starting banging away. My orgasm started after about the fifth stroke. I was moaning and begging them to fuck me harder. Soon I felt hot cum splashing inside me a hard cock pounded into my clit. It sent me into an even more intense orgasm.

The next guy pulled my up from the table and turned me around. He was soon pounding me from behind while someone else was pulling my nipples. I was on a continual orgasm. It would ebb and flow as the guys changed places and tempos. Each one of them fucked me once. When it was over I could hardly stand. John carried me to the bedroom and laid me down. He showed the guys out and then came on to see me. He told me he loved me and had never been more excited to be my husband. I can't wait until poker night comes back to our house





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