Welcome to the Hotwife Stories Ebook Volume 1

Have you ever fantasised about having a MFM (male, female, male) threesome with your partner? These people did and what’s more, they indulged in their fantasy and experienced some of the hottest sex they could ever imagine.

These people are normal regular people like you and me, they could be your next-door neighbours, or the couple that drop their kids of at the same school you drop your kids of at.

Normal everyday people who have one common desire, to experience and share their inner most desires and fantasies.

Not only have they acted on their fantasies, but they have then documented their pleasures with intimate detail and forwarded the stories to us, complete with pictures of the action as it unfolded.

We have compiled their stories into one big E-book and have made it available to you, so you to can enjoy what they have experienced.

Read about the wife who caught a taxi home from a party and found herself in the backseat being fucked by not only the cab driver, but also the stranger she shared the cab with. Read how as she describes the experience to her husband he is so turned on that he has to fuck his wife’s already cum filled pussy.

Read about the hubby who blindfolds his wife and invites his best mate around to not only watch but to participate as well. Read about how he sits back and watches as his mate slowly peels her panties down to reveal her shaved wet pussy, then slowly runs his tongue up her inner thigh all the while she thinks its her hubby doing it. Then read about how she reacts when as his best mate is licking her pussy he starts to suck her nipples. This is one hot story.

What about the story of the hubby who has been trying to get his wife to have a threesome for years. It’s his birthday and his wife has a surprise in an envelope for him. Read how she takes control and instructs him to undress then opens the envelope to pass the photos to him. The first photo shows her gstring clad pussy with a hand other than her husbands on it, the second shows the strangers fingers under the gstring, fingers buried deep within her. Read about how she straddles her husband’s body and positions his cock at the entrance to her pussy before passing him the final picture. Read about what the final picture shows and what happens next.

How about the hubby who has settled down for the night to watch a XXX movie with his wife, there is a knock at the door and it’s the neighbour who has come around to inform him that their dog is in their property, he goes to fetch the dog while his wife seduces the neighbour. When the hubby finally returns his naked wife greets him on the bed, legs apart, pussy swollen and red and wet with cum. Read about what happened between the neighbour and wife and what happens next with the husband.

All these stories and more are in the first edition of The Hotwife Stories E-Book Vol 1

These are all 100% true accounts of what goes on behind the closed doors of suburbia. Regular everyday people like yourselves have sent their stories in along with pictures of the events as they transpired.

I can guarantee this is going to be the hottest ebook you have read in ages with stories so scorchingly hot your wife will thank you.




Reader Testimonials:

Hot Hot Hot, This Ebook blew my mind and other body parts. One of the best i have read and totally dedicated to the MFM lifestyle. I especially loved the story about the older man ravaging hubbies blindfolded wife while he watched. My wife thought that was the hottest story she has read. Thanks for reigniting the passion and fantasy in our sex life

David. S. New York.

Well done. Great value for money. Loved the stories was totally awsome. I am definately looking forward to Volume 2.

Michael. T. Texas

My wife gives your Ebook two thumbs up. The stories are genuine to read, explicitly hot and very very erotic. We have read quite a few Adult Ebooks and yours is straight to the point. No filler crap and some of the hottest personal experiences we have read. My wife was begging me to fuck her after reading only two of the stories. Thankyou

John. S. Perth

Great Ebook, i have only read the first 4 stories and my cock cant take anymore of the pounding ive been giving it. From the first story in i was as hard as a rock. Well written and the stories are ball drainingly erotic.

David. C. Montgomery

Thanks to your Ebook my wife has agreed to try her first MFM. She was so wet and horny after reading some of the stories and seeing the pics she had one of the most intense orgasms ive seen. We will definately be sending in our story after her first MFM for Volume 2. Thanks so much for the gentle push in the right direction.

Alex. G. Sacramento

Great wank material. The stories are very detailed and explicit. I have always loved the MFM lifestyle and have quite often been 'the other man' helping out hubby. I will definately be pointing the couples i play with in the direction of this webpage. Some great ideas for couples looking to experience their first threesome.

Steve. M. Utah

Downloaded your Ebook 4 nights ago and have not stopped wanking since. The stories have kept me entertained and on the edge. Loved the story about the wife pretending to be asleep and letting her husband and friends fondle her before licking and fucking her. Very hot and entertaining. Now i just have to get my wife to read it and here's hoping it will stimulate her interest into trying a threesome. Thanks.

Trey. F. Maine


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