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Readers Wives

LADY TITTIANA WOW Lady Tittiana and her Hubby are just starting out in the lifestyle and she absolutely loves big cocks, the bigger the better, double penetration and is an absolute nympho. She has her first amateur porn shoot in 3 weeks and will be taking a BBC in her pussy and ass. Ill let you all know once she has done her shoot. They would love to correspond with you so shoot them a email.
ROCKS WIFE Rocks and his wife sent in these awesome pics of her first time with another man and a BBC at that. It was for her birthday and not long after that Rock treated his wife to the same BBC for their anniversary. What an awesome present to give your wife. Rock you rock mate.
JESSIE Jessie and Hubby sent in these super hot pics as well as a smoking hot video. There Bio reads "Married couple originally from NY currently living in NC and are new to the wife sharing fun. Jessie and Bill are just is just starting out but Jessie has 3 old schoolmates lined up for some fun adventures. While Jessie loves big hard cock, she is not afraid to lick a pussy if Bill request’s it. Proud members of Carolina Friends (a local sharing community)"
MRS MOORE Mr Moore sent in these hot hot pics of his wifes first ever black cock experience. Even better it was a suprise he organised for his birthday. Not only has he sent in these super hot pics but he has also sent in two stories that go with the pics. head on over to our story of the month section to read all about it.
SONI Soni sent in these pics of herself and it looks like she has decided to start having some fun. She says she is a simple woman who likes nothing better than to have some fun and try different things in private. Why not send her a email and get the ball rolling for her.

Frank sent in these pics of his nast hotwife. She loves to dress slutty in public no panties or bra and see what reaction she gets. She loves to shock people, and see where it goes…you would be surprised how many trips to home depot in her mini skirt end up with her sucking guys off or getting fucked! I love showing her off and watching her get used, and yes I use her after and clean her up as well. She has been a slut for years and loves it.

JEFF & AMY Amy's husband contacted us with some smoking hot pics of his stunning wife. He says, we have been in the hotwife lifestyle for over 3 years. She loves fucking and sucking guys in our bed while I am at work or on business trips. Love loves leaving all the evidence on the sheets for me to see and smell when I get back. She is definitely into hung Hispanic and black men that can stretch her every hole better than I ever could and then tell me all about it as I go down on her. Love your site!!
JESSE Jesse's hubby contacted us and wanted to submit some pics of his very sexy hotwife. In his own words "Would love for you to post these pics of my real hotwife Jesse on your site.  She has had several dates and is loving the hotwife lifestyle more and more with each new adventure. She loves to have her pics captioned" Judgiing from the pics she is really enjoying her forays into the hotwife lifestyle.
CUMLAYUS2 Cumlayus2 are a hot couple who reside in canada. They are looking for couples, ladies and men (preferably married men but will accept some singles) in the Okangan valley and Cariboo areas for some hot sexy fun. They are a married couple (30 years) and love to share each other. There 49 and 50 but don't look it and definately don't act it lol. She has a pussy like a teenager (because of Kagle exercises every day) and is very kinky. He's 8 inches and uncut (but you wouldn't know it when he's hard) and is just as kinky as she is lol. She doesn't care how big you are, it's how you use it that matters to her.
LARA Lara is one hot milf. According to hubby she is 48 years old and loves the hotwife lifestyle. They have only just started out and she had her first cuckold expreience a month ago and her first gangbang 2 weeks after that. As you can tell from the pics she loves cum and double penetration. She is one hotwife and we eagerly await more pics and hopefully a movie.
DAVE & LINDA This hot couple send in some awesome pics for you guys to view and send them some hot feedback. She is a hot looking wife who loves cock and has fucked and sucked lots of hubbies friends and strangers while he watches, films, takes photos and helps out. Hopefully we will get some more hot pics from them soon.
PATRICK & MELANIE WOW, These guys are one hot couple. They are from Montreal Canada and love swinging with other guys. She is definately one hot wife and gorgeous as well. We have 3 pages of pics and more to come from this hot couple.
ANGELA This hot couple are from China. Angelas hubby wants to meet men who would love to fuck her. He really enjoys watching her being pleasured by other men. She loves to be watched by hubby while sucking and fucking guys in front of him
WENDY Wendy loves to fuck and judging by these pics she is an expert at it. Her and hubby love to film and photograph her being fucked by a variety of different men and women. Hopefully we will have more of this hot wife shortly.
PROUD HUBBY Wow, we definately have a MILF here. Proud hubby's wife is 50 and she is only getting better with age. They have been swinging for over 25 years and she just loves black cock. She especially loves going bareback and feeling the guys shoot their hot seed into her then makes hubby clean her up. Totally hot.
LUCY Lucy is a 43 year old Hotwife, she is 5ft 5, 120, and blond. Her husband loves seeing her used by hugely hung black guys. They live in the middle Tennessee area.

Teaks husband Larry sent in these great shots of his Hotwife for you all to enjoy.

KRISTINE Kristine's hubby sent in these photos of his gorgeous wife fucking their friend. She is definately one hot lady.
LISA Lisa's hubby sent in these fantastic shots of her. She is Russian, a exhibitionist and loves her sex dirty and partners clean. They are looking for playmates, definately a hot lady.
ELSA Kodaman sent in this photo of his gorgeous wife. They are from Germany, have been in the lifestyle for 3 years and enjoy full swapping with others.
LISA Lisas hubby Buck sent in these totally hot photos of her. She is a dancer and model, 26, 5ft 4, 120 lbs, blond hair, green eyes and was a highschool cheerleader. Very Hot.
MEGAN Megan's girlfriend sent in these hot shots of her. She is 38, blond, australian, single, works as a secretary and judging from her photos loves the hotwife lifestyle. Check her out.
LUVI Aeolus sent in these hot photos of his wife, not much info on her but she is definately a hotwife.
CHRISTY AND JASON Jason sent in these pics of his hot wife Christy. She is 21, 158 cm, and 45kg. She loves sex and is a marathon lover not a sprinter, she loves the feelings of sensual penetration and has one of the hottest pussies ive ever seen. She is a little shy at first but once warmed up goes off like a bomb. Check her out.
GLEN AND JOANNA Hot Hot Hot, is the best description for Glen and Joanna. Its obvious from the photos she loves black cock and just loves to enjoy life and men. Hubby sits and watches when allowed! A true Hot Wife enough to make any man proud! Definately check this hot couple out.
NICE COUPLE WOW, is the only way to describe Nice Couple. They are a married couple both 27 who have been in the swinging lifestyle for about 7 years, but have decided they enjoy the Hotwife lifestyle more. She is 5ft 3 120lb and totally shaved with light brown hair and dark eyes, He is 5ft 11 185lb and also has dark eyes and light brown hair. They would love to receive some great comments and correspondence.
JEFF & DENISE Totally hot pics from a great couple Jeff & Denise. They have sent in some pics of Denise's first black experience, as well as a assortment of other shots of her experiencing the hotwife lifestyle. Great shots.
SUNNY Sunny sent in these hot pics of herself being fucked, they were taken by a girlfriend. She is 38, Blonde Aussie, single, works as a secretary and is hot hot hot..
KATE Kate is one hot sexy looking wife. Not much info on her but she is tall sexy and 38 years old, with tits and a pussy to die for.
SECRET SLUT WIFE Secret Slut Wife is a very hot horny lady. Her hubby finally persuaded her into her first interracial experience, which she loved. Since then she has indulged in her passion regulary. She has her own website at www.secretslutwife.com and videos at www.slut-mall.com you can even register on her website to be eligible to participate in a video with her. Check her out she is hot hot hot.
CARRIBEAN SOUL Carribean Soul are one hot couple. They really enjoy the hotwife lifestyle, especially MFM threesomes. Verna had her first MFM threesome when she was only 19 years old. Like i said one very hot couple.
SIPPY 4 NOW Sippy 4 Now are a great couple, His wife is a hotwife and a very naughty one at that. Read his story in the story section called "My Boss Fucks My drunk Wife" im sure you will love it.
PORTERHOUSE This totally hot couple have been married around 10 years and love the hotwife lifestyle. She is 38 5ft 5" 130lb, white and hispanic and very very hot. They have heaps of stories and pics to share so keep checking back at this section.
ALEXIA Wow Alexia is one hot horny wife. They are a hot couple in their 40's who love swinging, cuckolding, interracial, and exhibitionism. She is Bi and they love to share pics with genuine couples.
NIKKI Holy Shit, Nikki is one totally hot wife who loves to fuck. The exact words from her hubby are "Nikki is a very Hot Wife who just love getting fucked. Shes getting gangbanged regularly and cant get enough dick. She loves sucking and there wont any cum covered pics, because she swallows it all every time."
STORMY Stormy is definately one hot wife who loves to fuck other men while hubby watches and joins in. You can read her hot story in the story section which relates to the super hot pics she has sent in. She definately is one hot lady that is very fuckable.




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