the gloryhole
The Glory Hole
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What's a Glory Hole?

A glory hole is a small hole, usually about twice the size of a fist, which is between private video booths in adult bookstores, toilets, or rest rooms. The hole is made about hip height so that a

man of average height can push his cock through the hole in the wall.

Waiting on the other side is a woman who will perform various sex acts with the lucky stranger. This, more often than not, is cock sucking or wanking (masturbation). Although the woman can 'back up' to the hole and allow the male on the other side to penetrate her pussy or ass, the usual fun is oral.

Finding straight glory holes (glory holes where a woman will suck a guy) can be difficult. Searching around the net you will find plenty of info on gay glory hole action, which is fine if you are gay or bi, but can leave the straight glory hole seeker a little frustrated. I found several hetero sites myself, and I can recommend GloryHoleCity. They have a comprehensive, global coverage of Gloryholes including sightings of holes in every state in the US and most countries around the globe.

What Else Does GloryHoleCity Have That May be of Interest?
Well, that depends; if like me, you have a fetish about having your cock sucked to completion, especially anonymous cock sucking in a public place, or facial cum shots - and lets face it - you wouldn't be here if you didn't :-) Here is a little run down of what I found there...

  • Glory Hole Discussion Forums
    Ideal if you are new to the gloryhole game. Plenty of advice, plus inside info on the best glory holes. The GH Discussion forums are the place to share your ideas, get some insight, or to tell all!
  • Female Glory Hole Photos & Videos
    From the other side of the wall comes hot sex in public. Restrooms, Adult Bookstores, Video Stores and more. Thousands of pics and vids of cum loving gloryhole women. Check out their resident glory gals, exclusive galleries. Never before seen exclusive pix and vids of babes working their magic at the hole! Hot sex in public places turns them on.

  • Glory Hole Movie Reviews
    In-house Glory Gal Catty reviews the best and the worst of what's out there, then tells all. Read her commentary on hot cum-sluts who take it deep on film and in the booth complete with sample images, vids and links to purchase when available. Then check out Catty's own hot pics and vids as well - This is true amateur sex in public at it it's best.

  • Glory Hole Sightings
    Literally thousands of gloryhole meeting places around the globe - Including reviews when available. Best of all, you can submit your own and share the wealth!

  • Glory Hole Sex Stories
    All member submitted and one hotter than the next. Share in the hottest ABS adventures and read all about your fellow member's fun as well.
  • Glory Hole Hot Links
    All member submitted - Hundreds of links to hetero gloryhole related action - MSN, Yahoo, Lycos clubs, communities, groups, etc. Plus relevant newsgroups and more! Add your own!

  • Live Singles Chat
    Meet and greet in their safe and fun environment. Share in the fun and meet new friends right here at Glory Hole City.


  • Glory Hole Photos
    mini samples of wives and girlfriends at the Glory Hole

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